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Dave Lennox Signature® Collection XC17 Air Conditioner

The most efficient and quietest single-stage air conditioner you can buy6

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December 2, 2014

WarminEdmonton – Edmonton, AB

* * * * *   Ready for summer

It''s winter and we have no way of testing the air conditioner but this summer it will be used extensively.

November 28, 2014

fairchib – Leesburg, VA, USA

* * * * *   quiet machine

We had this unit installed along with a new furnace. Large but very quiet.

November 26, 2014

Kristy1974 – Eastaboga, AL 36260, USA

* * * * *   Great product, very pleased with performance

The unit is very quiet, as advertised. I can already see a savings in my electric bill since the installation of this unit. I would recommend Lennox products.

November 12, 2014

coy5643 – tulsa

* * * * *   It is a far better unit than what i had

So far this is really amazing compared to what i had, much more quiet and really cools down the house fast.

November 12, 2014

Friar – Port St. Lucie, FL, USA

* * * * *   Quiet

This unit is very quiet and has great features. It is 10 times quieter than our previous builders model which was quite noisy. It cools quickly and efficiently.

November 9, 2014

JohninHH – Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, USA

* * * * *   Extremely Quite and cools quickly

Another excellent Lennox product. I can''t believe hos quite this unit is. My neighbor has asked if I''m still using the AC, when I told him "yes", he was amazed at how quite it was, and the unit is 25 feet from his bedroom window, which he always keeps open!

November 2, 2014

tap678 – Airdrie, AB, Canada

* * * * *   So quiet!!

I recently purchased a Lennox XC17 System Air conditioner. As it is now snowing, I didn''t get much of a chance to use it . Fortunately we had a great fall and the couple of warm days we had I turned the Air conditioner on to hold our desired temperature. I can''t believe how quiet it is compared to the one we had in our previous home. I was surprised however with how large the unit is - fortunately we have lots of available space on the side of our home.

October 31, 2014

Jan52 – Douglasville, GA, USA

* * * * *   Extremely quiet!

My husband does a lot of cooking on the deck which is over the air conditioning unit. He was very happy that the noise we were used to with the old unit is not an issue with our new, quiet Lennox system.

October 31, 2014

StaysCool – Sugar Hill, GA, USA

* * * * *   Runs quiet and keeps the air moving

This unit runs very quietly and does a good job of moving air through the house.

October 30, 2014

6647Robert – Hanover Park, IL, USA

* * * * *   Energy efficiency and price sold us.

We replaced a 46 year old furnace and AC. Heating and cooling costs the past few years were accelerating quickly. the new AC/furnace combination will save us hundreds of dollars this year and thousands in the future years to come.

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