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PureAir™ Air Purification System

Cleans the air in your home better than any other single system you can buy

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August 16, 2014

Donna55 – Kansas City, MO, USA

* * * * *   Clean air

Bought a new house, the smell that usually accompanies a new house is gone. It doesn''t smell like chemicals from the flooring, paint and new products. Amazing!

July 16, 2014

Darkrobe – Calgary, AB, Canada

* * * * *   Healthier already

My family and I suffer from a lot of environmental allergies and I have to say, this product rocks! Not only do we find that the house is less dusty, but we don''t wake up after sleeping as stuffy as we used to compared to our previous house which just had an electric carbon filter. Considering how much dust and dirt is around our house already since the grading isn''t completed yet, plus the fact that we do have a golden retriever; there is very little dust on our furniture after having it for two months and I am VERY impressed! I highly recommend this product to ANYONE who suffers from environmental allergies and is remotely sensitive to varying types of dusts or moulds that are outside.

March 11, 2014

JohnnyYYZ – Toronto, ON, Canada

* * *   On the fence

We installed PureAir in our house with the installation of a new furnace. I was sold by the features of the product. However, we still notice dust, maybe not as much as before but still quite obvious. When we cook, we still have the smell of food in the house for about one day but I would say it disappears a bit faster than before we installed the PureAir unit. We don''t have any pets yet but getting one soon - we will see if that will make a difference. Overall, including the yearly maintenance cost of the UV bulbs and the filters I am not convinced we made a good investment. Not enough noticeable differences from before.

March 8, 2014

Bryson – NC

* * * * *   Outstanding product

My wife is allergic to just about everything. Since installing the PureAir she has had a much more comfortable life in our house. The dust is also much more less noticeable. My parents had Lennox systems and this is my second Lennox system and I am fully confident that this system will last up to twenty years.

January 23, 2014

thetinwacker – Ayr, ON, Canada

* * * * *   cleans the air

less dust in the house. we have a dog and a cat and you can''t smell that smell when you come in.

June 27, 2013

flatsguide – Islamorada, FL, USA

* * * * *   breathe easy

We had an aging air handler and decided to replace with the new handler and Pure Air system.. My wife has allergies and I was unaware i had any myself until this unit was installed.. We also live in a very humid climate (the Florida Keys) in a very old home.. The combined unit excels at removing the musty odors of the home and the excess humidity. Throw in two small dogs and all of this combined can make for a tall order for "clean air". Well the first day after getting home from work, you can notice a difference in the air in the home.. After a few days, my sinus clear while in the home and just a very different "freshness" to the air immediately upon entering the home.. The reduction of allergens has even helped with my wife''s snoring.. highly highly recommend it.

March 18, 2013

Lynn2013 – Florida, USA

* * * * *   An amazing difference!

We purchased a Pure Air due to my husband''s allergies. He has severe allergies, which triggers his asthma to act up more during the blooming seasons. After having the Pure Air in our home for less than 1 week, he could feel a significant difference in breathing. Additionally, we were both pleasantly surprised to discover how quickly odors were dissapearing after cooking; the fish was always the worst but now it''s not a problem cooking up fish of any kind. We highly recommend this to everyone we know.

March 6, 2013

getuclu – Columbus, OH, USA

* * * * *   Dog and Cat Allergies and lung disorder

We bought the system because my daughter is marrying a person with severe lung/skin allergies to Dogs and Cats. He was at our house a month ago and was eye watering, congested and miserable. He came last weekend after we installed the pure air system and had no issues staying with us.. Good news - great product!

February 16, 2013

Anne – Oregon

* * * * *   Product has improved air quality

We are very pleased with the unit as it has amazed us by the improvement in our indoor air quality. Improved our allergies, less dust, odors, and fireplace smoke. Also we have not had as many colds this winter.

February 6, 2013

dhmosquito – Rapid City, SD, USA

* * * * *   It works well to remove odors

My wife and I do not suffer from asthma, but we do have 2 Golden Retrievers and a range vent that only recirculates cooking fumes through a rudimentary filtration system. I bought the Pure Air system when I had my whole house Lennox airconditioner replaced. I was initially skeptical about the Pure Air unit, but it does what I wanted it to do: IT REMOVES ODORS. No unit can remove fumes as effectively as open windows and a strong breeze, but when that is not an option, the Pure Air does an excellent job. A hint as to effectiveness: after cooking odors are noticed, set the air handler fan setting on your thermostat from "Auto" to "On" to force airflow constantly through the filter. Next morning, odors are gone. Impressive. Even in winter, our house smells pleasant. The MERV 16 filter works well for particulates. Moreover, a leading consumer magazine has found the MERV 16 filter that is part of the Pure Air system to be highest-rated among whole-house systems that were tested.

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