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All reviews of the ML195:

Customer Rating (98):  * * * *
April 10, 2015

WarmButUnsatisfied – Iowa, USA

* *   Having Second Thoughts About This Furnace

Well, dang. I was initially pleased about this new furnace but reality has now set in. Not so quiet. I thought I was making a sound decision to have a furnace that is regarded as efficient. But, to learn that the thermostat is not supposed to be set below 65?!?! Argh!!

April 7, 2015

santa1 – monroe wa, usa

* * * * *   great

works wonderful, quiet, and efficient, compact fits in close area

April 4, 2015

marc25 – Chicago, IL, USA

* * * * *   prefect unit

its fix in with existing ductwork work prefect no problem at all

April 3, 2015

Rani – Michigan

* * * * *   It''s quiet, it''s new and I expect it will save me money.

I like the humidity feature. I use a nasal cannula all day and night and now I don''t have nose bleeds every day from dryness. I feel safer since I was told that my old furnace was full of soot and emiting carbon monoxide. I already have received a check from Detroit Energy for upgrading. It''s comforting to know that I have a new brand name furnace. I have read good things about Lennox in Consumer Reports magazine.

April 1, 2015

VandZ – Oregon, USA

* * * * *   Very quiet, reaches heat level quickly.

Too early to tell, but feel that the cost of operation will be lower. The quietness of operation is a big bonus ... need to be near a register to realize it''s on. Runs a lot less often than old unit, and maintains a more even temperature, with fewer ''too hot'' or ''too cold'' periods.

April 1, 2015

rch1966 – Chicago

* * * * *   95% is very nice

This furnace fit right into our budget. I set our thermostat at 68 and put it on hold and the ML195 kept us warm all winter long. With the ML195 being a high-efficiency furnace, it saved us money as well. I am very happy with our new furnace!

April 1, 2015

fearless727 – Eureka, CA, USA

* * * * *   Very quiet, keeps the whole house warm .

Had to listen to hear it was working. Keeps the whole house warm which is something our old furnace never did.

February 24, 2015

JulieRN – Valparaiso, IN, USA

* * * * *   The furnace is a great value.

Besides being very efficient at keeping the house warm throughout every room at an even temperature, it is very quiet when running. I rarely can tell when it starts or stops blowing heat which occurs more often since the winter has been unusually below freezing this season.

February 21, 2015

newhomeunderwhelmed – London, ON, Canada

* *   Not Sure...

This was the furnace that the builder chose and installed in our new home (2000 Sq.ft.). I have to be honest, I''m not impressed with the temperature of the air that blows from our vents. A lot more cool air comes through than warm air. I have never felt hot air yet, and we moved in near the end of November. True, it has been a very cold winter, but when I compare to our last home (a drafty old country home with a mid-efficient 7-year old furnace) the heat output was better and our gas bills actually smaller. The home before that also had an older mid-efficiency unit that was great in performance. The proof is in our cat straddling over the vents. It just doesn''t happen in this new build. Disappointed and chilly.

February 20, 2015

Angela14 – Redford charter Township, MI, USA

* * * * *   This furnace is very efficient

I am thrilled with how well it is heating the whole house and decreasing my gas bill even through this extremely cold winter. I realize now how inefficient my previous furance was at heating all the rooms in the house thoroughly.

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