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All reviews of the ML195:

Customer Rating (102):  * * * *
September 18, 2015

– southern wisconsin

* * *   noisy fan

This I the 3rd new house in forty years with Lennox furnace with A/C. The fan noise is so loud I must shut off the A/C when I sleep because it wakes me up every time the fan starts up and runs.

June 24, 2015

Dindle – Cheyenne

* * * * *   Works like a charm

Much quieter than our old one. Reaches and maintains temp efficiently. A good value.

June 19, 2015

KatieB – Flesherton, ON N0C, Canada

* * * * *   Great price

I love the fan feature on our new furnace. The installation total was extremely reasonable. It is very quiet aswell :)

June 12, 2015

Lincolnhouse – Lincoln, ND 58504, USA

* * * * *   Ml 195 gas furnace

I was surprised at how low my gas bill was. And it kept the house at an even temperature, without seeming to run a lot. and the dust level is lower than with my other furnace.

April 10, 2015

WarmButUnsatisfied – Iowa, USA

* *   Having Second Thoughts About This Furnace

Well, dang. I was initially pleased about this new furnace but reality has now set in. Not so quiet. I thought I was making a sound decision to have a furnace that is regarded as efficient. But, to learn that the thermostat is not supposed to be set below 65?!?! Argh!!

April 7, 2015

santa1 – monroe wa, usa

* * * * *   great

works wonderful, quiet, and efficient, compact fits in close area

April 4, 2015

marc25 – Chicago, IL, USA

* * * * *   prefect unit

its fix in with existing ductwork work prefect no problem at all

April 3, 2015

Rani – Michigan

* * * * *   It''s quiet, it''s new and I expect it will save me money.

I like the humidity feature. I use a nasal cannula all day and night and now I don''t have nose bleeds every day from dryness. I feel safer since I was told that my old furnace was full of soot and emiting carbon monoxide. I already have received a check from Detroit Energy for upgrading. It''s comforting to know that I have a new brand name furnace. I have read good things about Lennox in Consumer Reports magazine.

April 1, 2015

VandZ – Oregon, USA

* * * * *   Very quiet, reaches heat level quickly.

Too early to tell, but feel that the cost of operation will be lower. The quietness of operation is a big bonus ... need to be near a register to realize it''s on. Runs a lot less often than old unit, and maintains a more even temperature, with fewer ''too hot'' or ''too cold'' periods.

April 1, 2015

rch1966 – Chicago

* * * * *   95% is very nice

This furnace fit right into our budget. I set our thermostat at 68 and put it on hold and the ML195 kept us warm all winter long. With the ML195 being a high-efficiency furnace, it saved us money as well. I am very happy with our new furnace!

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