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All reviews of the MERV8:

Customer Rating (2):  * * *
June 5, 2014

DJohn – Carson, CA

* * * * *   The product works great!

It works Great! I have horrific allergies. The carbon controls odors in the home due to to cooking. I run the fan a few times per day and it cuts down on the dust. A little pricey though but I change it once a year. We live California therefore we have no harsh weather and by that I mean we don''t have to run the unit all of the time!

March 30, 2013

TedinJax – Jacksonville, FL, USA

* *   Air Filter gasket disolves, is blown all over home and results in tar like residue over carpet, etc!

The 10+ year old Lennox Air Filter gasket literally dissolved and fragments were blown through our HVAC system, onto furniture, carpet, etc. leaving a tar like residue, very difficult to remolve! These units are ment to last a lifetime and can be graduated to each new air handling unit.

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